The Baltimore Symphonic Band


Established in 1981, the Baltimore Symphonic Band, in residence at The Community College of Baltimore County Essex, utilizes the skills and talents of an all-volunteer membership to provide its audiences with the opportunity to hear quality band music ranging from marches to symphonic works. Musicians of all ages with a variety of musical backgrounds are provided with the opportunity to broaden and apply their musical performance skills. They participate in the band out of the love of playing and performing music.

BSB Plays at Ft McHenry

The Band has performed all over the state of Maryland, including the Baltimore Inner Harbor Concert Series, the Bel Air Concert Series, the Perry Hall Concert Series, the Aberdeen Concert Series, the Havre de Grace Concert Series, Charlestown Retirement Community, Oak Crest Village, Riderwood Village, St. Joseph’s Church and at The Music Forum at the Maryland Boychoir Center for the Arts. In 2019, 2008, 2005, and 1999, the band embarked on international tours which included the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia, where it performed several concerts. In the role of community service programs, the band performs at Spring Grove Hospital, and at various neighborhood festivals throughout the area. The Band is a major participant and organizer of the annual Maryland Community Band Day.

Under the musical direction of Christopher Wolfe, the band rehearses once a week from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. Anyone interested in attending a rehearsal should contact the Music Office at 443-840-1536 for additional information.

Origins of the Baltimore Symphonic Band

Chris Wolfe, of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra formed the Baltimore Symphonic Band in 1981.

“After spending several years as a member of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, I have come to a realization that I hope you share — musical organizations are a vital component of community culture. That realization challenged me to develop and conduct the Baltimore Symphonic Band, a community band that has become a cultural treasure. After 32 years of formulation, practice, and community performances, the band has matured into one of the finest wind ensembles in the nation.”

“Our first major success in the musical community came in 1997 when the Committee for the International Wind Festival reviewed a CD of our performances. Their response was so favorable that they invited us to participate in the 1999 festival in Switzerland!” — Chris Wolfe, Music Director and founder